Erstmals konnte raum-planA ein Projekt außerhalb Europas realisieren. Für die Internationale Gartenschau Zhengzhou in China, die am 30. September eröffnet wurde, durften wir einen "Bad Ischl Garten" entwerfen. Folgender Text wird dort den Garten erklären.




An (imperial) Garden inspired by the 19 th century

In the second half of the 19th century Bad Ischl was the summer residence of the Austrian Empress Elisabeth (“Sisi”) and Emperor Franz Joseph. They also celebrated their engagement in Bad Ischl in 1853. In the following time Bad Ischl became a meeting place for aristocrats, politicians, artists, composers und intellectuals. At that time not only the imperial gardens around the emperor’s villa were built, but also the Esplanade along the river Traun und the spa gardens (Kurpark). These gardens were designed either in the style of an English country garden (imperial gardens) or in a formal style with rich seasonal plantings (spa gardens).


The Bad Ischl Garden for the Garden EXPO Zhengzhou wants to recombine some typical elements of these gardens in a new manner and to create the atmosphere of “walking through a garden in Bad Ischl” with one little difference: in Bad Ischl the gardens are framed by an impressive scenery of high mountains of the Alps.


The Mirror Pavillon (inspired by the mirror pavillon in the imperial gardens: empress Sisi wanted to see the surrounding mountains, but avoided to expose herself to the sun) and a fountain with small water-jets are on the the two ends of the main axis of the garden. In the center of the garden is lawn, decorated with seasonal plantings. Here ornaments from the spa gardens are used.


The “frame” of the garden is formed by hedges, perennials and lime trees (as a reference to the lime trees on the Esplanade in Bad Ischl).